Team & Culture


Our company culture embodies a fusion of creativity, openness, intelligence, and a robust work ethic, harmonized with a lively and captivating environment. We prioritize hiring individuals with the right mindset, as we trust that, akin to the constantly evolving technology and business landscape, our team members will grow and adapt. Our receptiveness to fresh ideas and pushing the boundaries of what is feasible is crucial, but most important is our capacity to "fail forward," learn rapidly, and persistently improve.


Boasting decades of collective experience, the WeTeh team consists of seasoned professionals who have worked with top global and regional tech platforms, as well as consumer and retail companies across various industries. Our expertise lies in developing innovative digital products, crafting integrated productized services, designing B2B and B2C monetization models, building digital and mobile platforms, optimizing customer journeys, and integrating data-driven insights.

Our values



Positive Attitude



Fail Forward