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Digital platforms

At the core of every business venture is value creation. But while the process of value creation can take many forms. In the digital age businesses increasingly following the platform business model are not just gaining traction, but have taken over as the dominant model.


Today’s customer is informed by definition. Technology solutions and transparent web information is enabling customers to make decisions anytime and anyplace. The ultimate objective is to simplify his or her life, create trust, have fun and build two way relationship with them.

Real-time insights

What does it mean being data driven? It means at the start being data centric - and collecting the data. What is even more important is the next step. Taking it to become artistic - creating something beautiful - actionable insights, the knowledge about consumer, processes to be able to predict the future. That is cutting edge of data driven companies.

New mindset, new results

All industries should be thinking about what is going to disrupt me! It keeps going. Complacent is on the next corner. We should constantly looking over the shoulder. The technology advanced, so should we. The real transformation is in our mindset, is within the team and the leaders. You can not expect different results, but doing things the same way. You should be open to experiment, to play with new ideas, to test and fail. You should search for the relevant measure and follow it. Technology is an important enabler, but it is just an enabler, everything is within our mindset and attitude. We should always search for new solutions and embrace our opportunities.

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